Most days I leave the house, at least twice.  It's typically through the backdoor which allows me to enjoy the flower gardens for roughly 10 seconds.  But, I always take time to look at the Calendula blooms which seem as healthy on December 13th as they did late August.  What a wonderful place Nova Scotia is in many ways, the weather being one of those ways.  So plant Calendulas next year, they are hardy fuckers.

In the past year I've been rather successful at curbing my alcoholism, keeping the drinks to only social times and a max of 4 in a night (it's my new wasted).  What's interesting to me now is recognizing how some bevy's effect me more negatively than others the following day.  Drinking any brown liquor (whiskey, brandy, etc) or red wine really twists my guts for the following 24hrs.  This saddens me since I really do enjoy these flavours and I wonder what's the main reason.  If I stick to a couple pints or even gin & sodas everything seems to be pretty OK.  Anyone else relate to this?  

Grounding... what the fuck is this you ask?? Well it's an interesting medical theory that has been gaining traction since the 60's (go figure) and it's most basic concept is that the human body is an electrical organism and the earth is a battery and we must remain connected to operate properly.  The latest video I watched was connecting inflammation with a lack of grounding, suggesting that the modern sneaker is the main culprit behind most chronic illnesses.  It's part biology, part physics, pretty interesting all round.  As I age (31) I have been noticing more chronic pain, nothing debilitating but just subtle buzzing in joints and an overall bloated digestive system.  I don't support big-pharma, i'd rather smoke cannabis, and now i'm going to not wear shoes while smoking.  I'll let ya know how it goes... 

One last thing, on relationships.  My uncle went through a divorce 7 years ago, it was long and painful for him and his partner, but they got through it like so many people these days.  During one of my many visits with him I asked, "if you could have done one thing differently what would it be?"  His answer was simple, "Kiss each other before every meal.." simple enough right?  I've listened to him, and still kiss Arianna before every meal we share together, we now also tell our son that we love him before every meal.  In a couple weeks we will be celebrating our 9th anniversary and I think our relationship is stronger than ever!  

So kiss the one's you love more often...