Whoa its been a whole year??


Whoa its been a whole year??


You are my journal of sorts, also soon to include more 'NEWS' type posts.  I'm learning to engage, and speak (type) my thoughts/ideas/feelings/rants... etc etc etc

Lets do a little news...

Over the month of October I was able to successful crowd fund over $2000 to help cover manufacturing, distribution and promotion costs for my upcoming debut EP, RUIN LUST.   I used the kickstarter.com platform and it worked pretty darn well!  In the end the sites fee was roughly $150 which considering all the credit card transactions and shit thats not a bad deal.  As a result I've already got 40 folks who have pre-ordered the EP, and the CD's here in Halifax!  I have slowly began the enlightening task of self-promotion via college/public radio mail-outs.  The release date is March 23rd and I will also be releasing a SINGLE [TBD] sometime in late January. 

My best friend Ryan 'Skinny' Dyck also did a little crowdfunding towards the end of summer and raised over $4000, having just released his amazing compilation album, 20 One-Nighters on November 7th.  I was lucky enough to make it onto three tracks, and also had my tune 'Laying By Your Side' included in the release.  Check it out via the bandcamp player below.  

As for other things worthy of mentionm that all depends on your interests I suppose.  For me, I'm feeling a sense of the familiar begin to roll around.  We've been in Halifax now for a good year and it feels like home.  I remember sitting in the Central Library last fall as Franz took part in a 'babies and books' class, and speaking with an older gent who was there with his grandchild.  He was telling me of all the places that he had moved his family, and how the first 6 months of living in a new city would feel unfamiliar, but exciting and it wouldn't be till after about a year that it would start to fell like home.  Pretty sage advice.  Be patient.  That is what life is all about, I think.  


I'm gonna try to write more frequently. It feels good.


Lonesome November

With the changing of seasons comes these messy things called emotions, they really are the most useful thing 'we' may possess.  Feeling alone is something that I thought I understood, I had been alone I thought, I had felt like I didn't have anyone to hangout with or talk to, but this has been a new level of loneliness.  Its funny really because I am never alone, I am always with my son Franz from morning 'til night the only catch being he doesn't speak english... yet.  But i've missed all the commitments and free wheeling times I used to feel burdened by when fully surrounded by all my Lethbridge friends and family.  Its true and I'm glad that the opportunity for me to experience these longings has been granted to me, as I think it is something one must get familiar with, the older they grow. The saying goes "you're born alone and you'll die alone" seems rather straight forward almost relieving in a strange way, like thank fuck! I won't have to worry about some other traveler passing into the afterlife under my watch.  But what this saying doesn't really prepare us for is all these days and nights in between the two aforementioned events, the ones we remember? or vividly experience? I'm not sure how I am describing reality these days.  Anyways point being, reflection and isolation aren't easy emotions or states to enter but once inside they are extremely rewarding and telling.  I am grateful to be so engulfed in my little nuclear family experience, it is truly a gift from the cosmos and I promise to you cosmo that your gift will not be wasted.  

it's poet is a poem

to hot to handle 

to dank to spank

creepy charles won't you mix me another 



Regiments, Self Control, Actions and Reactions

There is an activity that many humans partake in, it's called jogging and is a form of exercise.  I'm a former, longtime car owner who has just recently made the drastic adjustment to becoming a 'NON-CAR-OWNER'.  Its fucking incredible what an improvement I have felt within myself over the past two months of using strictly my feet or public transit to get around and interact with my new home Halifax.  But because i'm on the sidewalks daily i'm now interacting with JOGGERS!  

So, why is this worthy of my time to talk about something, that I don't and hope to never take part in?? Well here's the connection I am trying to make, jogging is the most self-centred, publicly aggressive, truly useless activity I see on a day to day basis.  And now I get it, health is important, and so is exercise, but it's this idea of waste that makes me wonder....

Instead of jogging, what if all those people picked garbage/litter throughout there daily route? Would the streets still be filled with garbage?

What if they worked on their yard/gardens for the prescribed jogging interval? Would bee's be going extinct?

Could it be possible to get your exercise while commuting to and from your centre of employment?

Or how about, only ever walking to the grocery store instead of driving, and rushing so you could get home to go for 'your' jog??

Ok now I get also that none of my aforementioned options fulfill these peoples' junkie like addiction to adrenaline, so how can we replace those great buzzes?

Here's an idea, as a way to spark adrenaline confront someone in public when you see them stealing, or littering, or projecting hate or anything that seems degrading to other humans and/or our home, planet earth.  The rush you get from confronting a total stranger is incredible, hands shake, increased blood flow sets off the euphoria we all crave so much. Trust me, try it out. 



Link to Anti Jogging Evidence



The first post

Its raining, an October evening on the atlantic coast of Canada, everything about today was ok, except for most of my interactions with toxic Facebook posts, mostly the ones surrounding Standing Rock, and the Dakota Pipeline. What an offensive fuckin' name actually, I had never really thought about it. It's terrible to really SEE the behaviour of the government/corporate interests when someone asks them to stop, peacefully.  Its examples like this that have helped me to begin and formulate an idea, as to a way to set the global population back on a more truly productive and utopic state of existence. One with plenty of free time, liquor, sex, music, art, food, really fuckin' great food, no guns, armies, fertilizers, pesticides, class systems... I could go on for days, but thats not the point. The point is the GLOBAL ACID RESET is coming, i'm not sure of its form, how long it will last, etc. Its not about drugs or money, though it could include both. What its about is a lifestyle re-calibration, a de-coloniztion of the collective conscious, new treaties, new standards and accepting global goals.  It will all descend upon me in due time, in front of your eyes. Thanks for reading, stay tuned.