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Taylor Ackerman’s Global Acid Reset – Ruin Lust 

Thursday 19th, April 2018

By Mike Dunn

Having relocated to Halifax a few years ago, former Lethbridge guitar player Taylor Ackerman (Treeline, Shaela Miller) has kept himself busy working up a set of energetic tunes. The resulting EP, Ruin Lust, has a bit of a late ‘60s, early ‘70s sound, with boogie rock elements coming up head-to-head with Detroit fuzz. 

The opener, “Sideman,” kicks off a bit like a Creedence tape, before Ackerman starts laying down the boogie, at which point his tone and feel get a little closer to Winnipeg’s The Perpetrators – in essence it’s like a stream of consciousness J.J. Cale groove with muscular guitars. There’s an outdoor vibe up next on “Bangladeshi T-Shirt,” the kind of dust kicker that’s dialed to the shiny, happy vibe of the summer fests. It features Ackerman laying some greasy Billy F. Gibbons electric bottleneck riffs over the acoustic jam. “Half A Man” is a standout, a Motor City monster with a hypnotic pogoing riff and a massive wall of fuzz guitar feeding back and forth. Ackerman’s voice on “Half A Man” cuts through a little more; he shows off a bit of a baritone similar to Jim Morrison, or “Lust For Life”-era Iggy Pop.  

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FEBRUARY 16, 2018 ALEX COOK (The East)

Recent Alberta import and Halifax musician, Taylor Ackerman is about to release his debut EP Taylor Ackerman’s Global Acid Reset. If ‘Never Ever‘, the first video for the release, is anything to go by we’re going to get an earful of something rich and heavy... (Click here for full article)

“It is always great to see Taylor Ackerman’(s), blues tinged rock and roll, with tasteful leads and dirty rock and roll guitar playing which sound like a more laidback Neil Young and Crazy Horse”
— Lethbridge Sun Times - Richard Amery (12/07/17)

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