Its raining, an October evening on the atlantic coast of Canada, everything about today was ok, except for most of my interactions with toxic Facebook posts, mostly the ones surrounding Standing Rock, and the Dakota Pipeline. What an offensive fuckin' name actually, I had never really thought about it. It's terrible to really SEE the behaviour of the government/corporate interests when someone asks them to stop, peacefully.  Its examples like this that have helped me to begin and formulate an idea, as to a way to set the global population back on a more truly productive and utopic state of existence. One with plenty of free time, liquor, sex, music, art, food, really fuckin' great food, no guns, armies, fertilizers, pesticides, class systems... I could go on for days, but thats not the point. The point is the GLOBAL ACID RESET is coming, i'm not sure of its form, how long it will last, etc. Its not about drugs or money, though it could include both. What its about is a lifestyle re-calibration, a de-coloniztion of the collective conscious, new treaties, new standards and accepting global goals.  It will all descend upon me in due time, in front of your eyes. Thanks for reading, stay tuned.